EOL: VDC‑4x5 Series Dome Cameras FlexiDome VF and XT+

VDC‑4x5 Series Dome Cameras FlexiDome VF and XT+
  • Low-impact and impact-resistant models
  • 1/3-inch format CCD imager
  • Superior picture clarity in virtually all situations
  • 540 TVL color resolution
  • AC or DC operation
  • Patented dome shape for 90º vertical view
  • Extended sensitivity with NightSense
  • Bilinx bi-directional communication
  • Details
    Power Supply
    Rated Voltage 12 VDC or 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Voltage Range 10.8 to 39 VDC or 12 to 28 VAC, 45 to 65 Hz
    Power Consumption
       VDC-445 4 W
       VDC-455 4 W (6 W with heater operation)
    Imager Interline transfer CCD, 1/3-inch image format
    Active Picture Elements
       PAL Models 752 H x 582 V
       NTSC Models 768 H x 494 V
    Sensitivity (3200 K)
    Model Usable Picture , Usable Picture , Full Video
    (30 IRE) (50 IRE) , (100 IRE)
    VDC-445V03 VDC-455V03 Color , 0.44 lx (0.041 fc) , 0.98 lx (0.091) , 3.9 lx (0.36)
    NightSense 0.18 lx (0.016 fc) , 0.39 lx (0.036 fc) , 1.6 lx (0.15 fc)
    VDC-445V04 VDC-455V04 Color , 0.58 lx (0.053 fc) , 1.3 lx (0.12 fc) , 5.1 lx (0.48 fc)
    NightSense 0.23 lx (0.021 fc) , 0.5 lx (0.048 fc) , 2.0 lx (0.19 fc)
    VDC-445V09 VDC-455V09 Color , 0.44 lx (0.041 fc) , 0.98 lx (0.091) , 3.9 lx (0.36)
    NightSense 0.18 lx (0.016 fc) , 0.39 lx (0.036 fc) , 1.6 lx (0.15 fc)
    Resolution 540 TVL
    Signal-to-noise Ratio >50 dB
    AGC 20 dB (max)
    Auto Black On/off selectable
    Electronic Shutter Flickerless, on/off
    NightSense Auto, forced, off selectable
    Sharpness Correction Horizontal and vertical, symmetrical
    Backlight Compensation Center window weighting, off selectable
    White Balance Automatic sensing (2500 to 9000 K) and hold
    Video Output Composite video 1.0 Vpp, 75 Ohm
    Synchronization Internal or LineLock*
    Connector Flying leads (through the back)
    Varifocal Manual zoom and focus adjustment
    Iris Control Automatic iris control
    Viewing Angle
    2.6 to 6 mm Wide: 98.5º x 75.3º (H x V)
    Tele: 48.1º x 36.2º (H x V)
    4 to 9 mm Wide: 68º x 50.2º (H x V)
    Tele: 32.1º x 24.1º (H x V)
    3.7 to 12 mm Wide: 76.1º x 55.8º (H x V)
    Tele: 23.8º x 17.9º (H x V )
    9 to 22 mm Wide: 31.2º x 22.8º (H x V)
    Tele: 12.8º x 9.6º (H x V )
    Dimensions See drawings
       VDC-445 440 g (1.1 lb)
       VDC-455 740 g (1.63 lb)
    Mounting Flush on hollow surface with three (3) screws in a 4S electrical box
    Color White (RAL9010) trim ring with black inner liner
    Adjustment Range 360º pan, 90º tilt, ±90º azimuth
    Dome Bubble Polycarbonate, clear with UV blocking anti-scratch coating
    Trim Ring Vandal resistant models: aluminum
    Low impact models: polycarbonate
    Operating temperature
       VDC-445 -10 ºC to +45 ºC (+14 ºF to +113 ºF)
       VDC-455 -50 ºC to +50 ºC (-58 ºF to +122 ºF) (with heater ‘ON’)
    Storage temperature -40 ºC to +70 ºC (-40 ºF to +158 ºF)
    Humidity 5% to 93% relative humidity
    Impact protection IEC 60068-2-75 test Eh, 50 J;
    EN 50102, exceeding IK 10 (VDM-355 and VDC-455 models only)


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VDA‑445SMB Surface Mount Box

VDA‑445SMB Surface Mount Box

Surface mount box, indoor for VDM-345 and VDC-445

Commercial Type No.: VDA-445SMB
Product No.: F.01U.012.402


VDA-455SMB Surface mount box, high impact

Surface mount box, high impactfor VDM-345, VDC-445, VDM-355, VDC-455, VDC-485 and VDN-495 (not for FlexiDome VF).

Commercial Type No.: VDA-455SMB
Product No.: F.01U.012.403


S1460 Service/Monitor Cable

2.5 mm jack to BNC video connector cable. 1 m

Commercial Type No.: S1460
Product No.: F.01U.500.418


UPA-2450-50 Power Supply, 220 V, 50 Hz

Indoor power supply for camera. 220 VAC, 50 Hz In; 24 VAC, 50 VA Out

Commercial Type No.: UPA-2450-50
Product No.: F.01U.076.157


VDA-455TBL Tinted bubble

Tinted bubble for FlexiDome series 

Commercial Type No.: VDA-455TBL
Product No.: F.01U.090.268


VDA-455CBL Clear bubble

Clear Bubble for FlexiDome series

Commercial Type No.: VDA-455CBL 
Product No.: F.01U.090.269


VDA-WMT-DOME Wall Pendant Mount Bracket

Wall pendant mount bracket for FlexiDome cameras

Commercial Type No.: VDA-WMT-DOME
Product No.: F.01U.275.154


VDA-CMT-DOME Corner Mount Bracket

Corner mount bracket for FlexiDome cameras

Commercial Type No.: VDA-CMT-DOME
Product No.: F.01U.167.533


VDA-PMT-DOME Pendant Pipe Mount Bracket

Pendant pipe mount bracket for FlexiDome cameras

Commercial Type No.: VDA-PMT-DOME
Product No.: F.01U.275.155



Configuration software for cameras using Bilinx. VP-USB adaptor

Commercial Type No.: VP-CFGSFT
Product No.: F.01U.500.481