Solution 6000 Accessories & Modules

Internal LAN Proximity Readers
  • 40 bit transmission format – 125Khz, with up to 40mm read range
  • Lock Output and Egress Input to simplify wiring
  • Separate indicators show door and alarm status, with built-in sounder providing alarm warning
  • Built-in front and rear tamper protection
  • Anti replay and anti-substitution protection
Fingerprint Readers
  • Separate indicators show door and alarm status; built in sounder provides alarm warning
  • Lock output and egress input to simplify wiring, with built in tamper switch
  • Haptic feedback enhances user operation
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Anti replay and anti substitution protection
CM101B Voice Message Module
  • Turn your system ON / OFF using your mobile phone – secure connection requires valid PIN
  • Operate outputs remotely with voice prompts
  • Zone and area names can be customised
  • Eliminates domestic reporting ambiguity – receive alarm information by voice on any phone
  • Use as a primary and / or secondary reporting path
CM195 Multi Receiver Interface
  • Provides increased wireless coverage
  • Multi vendor wireless capable
  • Module Status and Receiver status LEDs
  • Separate tamper input
  • LAN or locally powered
  • Status and Zone Power LEDs
  • Service code pad connection
  • Separate tamper input
  • Automatic recognition by panel
CM705PB Universal LAN Zone Expander Module
  • High security module with anti-substitution protection and resettable fuse protection on power out terminals
  • Supports Single, Alarm+Tamper and Split EOL, with up to 15 different EOL Resistor options
  • 6 Power Out terminals simplify wiring; outputs are overload and short circuit proof
  • Service Code Pad connection point
  • LAN Termination Shunt and status indicators included
  • 4 x Form C relay contacts
  • LAN monitored
  • Status LED
  • Service code pad connection
  • Separate tamper input
  • Automatic recognition by panel
CM720B 1-Amp LAN Power Supply
  • 1 Amp continuous rated; LAN monitored
  • Multiple protected power outputs
  • Resettable fuse protected
  • Pulse battery charger
  • AC Fail output, low battery output and low battery indicator
CM723B 5 Amp LAN Power Supply Module
  • 5 Amps total combined output current
  • Charge up to 2 x 7.2Ah or 1 x 18Ah standby batteries
  • Remotely interrogate power supply status via RAS
  • Resettable fuse protected with deep discharge protection built-in
  • Easily installed into MW720 or MW730 enclosures
CM751B Solution Conettix IP Ethernet Module
  • High security (128bit encryption) replacement for PSTN line
  • Remote upload / download over IP and alarm reporting over LAN/WAN
  • Operate outputs and areas remotely
  • Dynamic and fixed IP address support
  • Conettix and CSV-IP reporting formats
CM760B Real Time Clock Module
  • Accuracy better than =/- 2 minutes / calendar year
  • Simple RS485 LAN connection to control panel
  • Local low battery fault indicator and dedicated tamper input
  • LAN monitored, encrypted data and anti-substitution
  • Service keypad connection point included