• 2nd Public Venue Security & Safety Summit
    2nd Public Venue Security & Safety Summit

    See us at the 2nd Public Venue Security & Safety Summit

    Find out why Bosch products are the standout choice for protecting public venues, events and facilities. 21st - 23rd March 2018 at Pullman Melbourne on the Park.

  • RSC Plus App
    RSC Plus App

    Fingertip Control for Solution 2000/3000 with RSC+

    Remote Security Control Plus (RSC+) is the latest app available on IOS and AndroidOS for the Solution 2000 & 3000 panels. The app, cloud connection and push notifications are all free.

  • 'I' Series Cameras
    'I' Series Cameras

    'i' Series Cameras

    Professional video surveillance for everyone that goes beyond security with built-in Essential Video Analytics as standard in the IP 4000i, 5000i, 6000 cameras.

  • Video Analytics
    Video Analytics

    Video Analytics

    Smarter video systems go beyond security with built-in video analytics.

    Video security is not about what you look at. It’s about what you see. Take the example of a city with intelligent cameras with built-in video analytics. Citizens will see a city that is protected 24/7. City officials see smart data that helps to improve safety, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Our focus is...
    Our focus is...

    Intelligent IP Video Solutions

    We provide the highest quality of relevant IP video images anytime, anywhere. Superior intelligence, analytics and efficiency leads to products and technologies that are simpler to understand, easier to install, more precise and better connected


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