• G Series
    G Series

    Greater Security. Greater Control.

    Designed for office buildings, warehouses, banks, retail stores, schools and many more applications, the G Series control panel offers flexible options for creating custom security solutions.

  • Data Security
    Data Security

    Data Security

    Video surveillance data is increasingly connected across local and global networks. A growing number of edge components (cameras) send their data to core components (servers) over the internet, where digital intruders and hackers loom. Find out how Bosch achieves the highest standards with a four-step approach that considers the entire video surveillance infrastructure.

  • Our focus is...
    Our focus is...

    Intelligent IP Video Solutions

    We provide the highest quality of relevant IP video images anytime, anywhere. Superior intelligence, analytics and efficiency leads to products and technologies that are simpler to understand, easier to install, more precise and better connected

  • Integracom Product Training
    Integracom Product Training

    Book into a Bosch Security Training Course

    Bosch Security Systems has partnered with Integracom to provide comprehensive security product training to those who install and commission Bosch systems. Obtain the knowledge and guidance your team requires to minimise your installation and service times when using Bosch products.

    Enrol now for Solution 2000/3000 and Solution 6000 training courses.

  • Integration Partner Program
    Integration Partner Program

    Integration Partner Program

    Looking for an integrated solution? Easily identify the compatible software or product that is right for you by browsing our Solution Advisor and checking the integration status of our partners.


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11 | 2016: Bosch and Sony establish partnership for their video security business
Bosch and Sony establish partnership for the video security business
11 | 2016: 130 years of Bosch
Anniversary: 130 years of Bosch – a success story

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