• Our focus is...
    Our focus us...

    Intelligent IP Video Solutions

    We provide the highest quality of relevant IP video images anytime, anywhere. Superior intelligence, analytics and efficiency leads to products and technologies that are simpler to understand, easier to install, more precise and better connected

  • FLEXIDOME IP panoramic
    FLEXIDOME IP panoramic

    FLEXIDOME IP panoramic camera family

    Never have to deal with blind spots again. FLEXIDOME IP panoramic MP cameras from Bosch offer a full 180-degree or 360-degree overview of a particular area in one simple view.

  • Solution 2000 & 3000
    Solution 2000 & 3000

    Be smart about your security.

    Built around the concepts of lifestyle, connectivity and expandability, Bosch brings you the Solution 2000 & 3000 alarm panels. We’ve created a security system that has all the technology it needs to identify intruders without being hard to use.


    PAVIRO Public Address & Voice EVAC System

    EN54 certified, easily and quickly specified and configred with optimised system costs, and extremely effcient in its power consumption, PAVIRO sets a new standard in the field of combined public address and voice evacuation systems.

  • Integration Partner Program
    Integration Partner Program

    Integration Partner Program

    Looking for an integrated solution? Easily identify the compatible software or product that is right for you by browsing our Solution Advisor and checking the integration status of our partners.


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